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Welcome to our Maldives Hotel Blog

Everything started more than 20 years ago with the logo above (with it’s ugly light yellow/beige backround).
Since then many of you traveled with us, trusted us, talked and discussed with us and became steady clients of GUNA Travel Germany.
A real and truthfully THANK YOU – to all of you! Without YOU we would not be here today!

We felt, that we want to have as well something different to our “normal” website

A page about Maldives Hotels and resorts which does not focus only on money, travel period, meal plan or room type etc. but a page which is able to appeal to emotions and stimulate your appetite for these beautiful, small Maldivian island resorts.

I really would be happy, if I see old and new and future clients snoop around this little page and leave the one or the other comment.

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